We are a craft company, passionate about the art of making tequila. We harvest our blue agave Tequilana Weber, the official and only supply for the production of tequila. Casa Tequilera manufactures all its products, under Mexican goverment regulations.



Our mission is to produce and present the tequila in a different way, as a spirituous beverage of the highest quality for the world , bearer of our roots and our colorful Mexican tradition.

We are in the town of Tequila, Jalisco at 65 km from the Guadalajara city...



Honor and transcendence



-He, my father- In his honor, from who I inherited the passion and the art of making tequila for more than 45 years. Instilling in me not only the passion for making tequila but also the passion for life, as an example of honesty, courage and joy at everything he does , as well as the love of God that keeps us in spiritual harmony and peace, h enabled me to transmit the same experience day by day in my life and in this tequila which brings that flavor and aroma to life and tradition.


Being born in the same land where everything started (Tequila Jalisco), growing up surrounded by agave plants, tequila and its noble, friendly and hardworking people, playing in the agave fields themselves, among the ovens and alembics, not knowing that life would bring me back to the same place giving me this love for the land, giving me the opportunity to make my own history and to experience a new "playing" in the fields and alembics, to be the one to make the best handmade tequila.

Presidente/Experto tequilero

Office México: Paseo Royal Country N. 4650 Piso 7 Int. 701- A Col Puerta de Hierro, Zapopan Jalisco, México C.P. 45038 Tel: +52 33 36100694 Distillery: Carretera Internacional 2501, Tequila, Jalisco C.P. 46400